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Regular “Share” Savings

family smilingThis is your most basic savings plan,  it entitles members to apply for all of our other great services. These funds are available to members anytime and it pays dividends. The share account serves as a great way to save money for all your savings needs.

Sub Account Savings

The sub account savings are opened under your primary membership and are a great way to set aside money for something specific such as vacations, car insurance, taxes, etc.

Christmas Club

This is a great way to save up for the holidays! Christmas Clubs are also opened under your primary membership. The balance saved is then transferred to your primary savings account on October 1st, just in time for your holiday shopping.

Money Market/ Premier Shares

This account offers members a greater investment return. Members start this account with a minimum balance of $1000. The dividend rate may change from month to month. Some restrictions do apply to this account.

Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposits earn a higher dividend and are a no risk investment that allow members to secure a fixed rate of return for an extended period of time. Members can chose from a certificate with a minimum of $500 and a term as short as six months, or as long as five years.

Checking Accounts

Our checking accounts are totally free! No hidden fees or monthly charges, no minimum balance and no per check charge. Direct deposit, courtesy pay, and ATM/Debit cards are all available with your checking account.

Audio Banking

Access your account using a telephone from just about anywhere. With our CU*Talk Audio Response System you can check your balance, make transfers, and see what transactions have cleared your account. Members may call (616) 285-5720 or 1-800-860-5704. Our credit union ID is 006.

Debit Cards

Credit cardsA Mastercard debit card may be used at any ATM for a cash withdrawal from your account. This card saves you from having to write a check when you use it as a debit with your PIN number or as a credit card. The Mastercard debit card accesses funds from your checking account and can be used anywhere the Mastercard logo is displayed.

Lost/Stolen ATM or Debit MasterCard? Call 1-888-241-2510

Direct Deposit and Routing Number

When setting up your direct deposit, use your base account number with suffix code 000 for savings or 001 for checking. No dashes or spaces needed. Our routing number is 272486177.

Online Banking

Access your account at anytime from the convenience of your home or workplace. View your account, make transfers, receive e-statements, loan payments and so much more!


Kid’s Club

Christmas kidsIt is a free program designed to encourage children ages 0-12 years to learn about the credit union and encourage them to save. Our program is simple: the children earn Wooden Nickels for various activities such as making deposits, bringing in their report card and coloring us a picture. The Wooden Nickels can be redeemed for reward items that our in our Kid’s Club display.

Christmas Club

This is a great way to save up for the holidays! Christmas Clubs are also opened under your primary membership. The balance saved is then transferred to your primary savings account on October 1st, just in time for your holiday shopping.


Bronze Level Rewards
Point Level 0-99

Silver Level Rewards
Point Level 100-199

  • 4 Free ATM Withdrawals per Month*
  • Bill Pay $4.95 per Month*
  • 15 Free It’s Me 24/7 Sign-ons Per Month*
  • Free CU*Talk
  • 1 Free Cashier Check per Day
  • Free Notary Service
All Bronze Level Rewards plus:

  • 5 Free ATM Withdrawals per Month*
  • Bill Pay $2.95 per Month*
  • 20 Free It’s Me 24/7 Sign-ons per Month*

Gold Level Rewards
Point Level 200-299

Platinum Level Rewards
Point Level 300 and above

All Silver Level Rewards plus:

  • 6 Free ATM Withdrawals per Month*
  • Free Bill Pay*
  • 30 Free It’s Me 24/7 Sign-ons per Month*
  • Free Cashier Checks
  • Free Statement Copies
  • Free Telephone Transfers
All Gold Level Rewards plus:

  • 8 Free ATM Withdrawals per Month*
  • Unlimited It’s Me 24/7 Sign-ons per Month*
  • Free Check Cashing
  • Free Temporary Checks
  • Free Check Copies
Share Products Points
Each Savings, Checking and Sub Account 25
IRA or Certificate of Deposit Account 25
High Yield or High Yield Plus Account 25
Aggregate Balance of $500 to $2499 25
Aggregate Balance of $2500 to $9999 50
Aggregate Balance of $10,000 to $24,999 75
Aggregate Balance of $25,000 and over 100
Loan Products
Home Equity Loan 50
Loan Balance of $100 to $4,999 25
Loan Balance of $5,000 to $19,999 50
Loan Balance of $20,000 to $49,999 75
Loan Balance of $50,000 and over 100
Active VISA Card 75
Other Products and Services
Active ATM Card 25
Active Debit Card 50
Active CU*Talk Audio Banking 25
Active It’s Me 24/7 Online Banking 75
E-Statement – Enrolled 50
Bill Payment – Enrolled 50
Member Elected Deposits
Payroll With Deposits Over $400 per Month 50
ACH Deposits Over $400 per Month 50
Automatic Funds Transfer 25
Points Deducted For
Any Savings Account With A Negative Balance -100
Any Loan Account With A Delinquency of 30 Days or More -300


Xtend Shared Branching

Access your accounts at credit unions anywhere you see the X-tend sign. You are able to perform transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, loan payments, transfers and balance inquiries.

On-site ATM

Woman withdrawing money from credit card at ATMOur on-site ATM allows members to make withdraws and balance inquiries at any time of the day or night. Plus, get 24/7 access  to your accounts at ATMs nationwide through our partnership with Co-Op Network.

Drive-thru Teller Window

Our drive-thru teller window allows members to complete their regular banking transactions quickly without having to leave the car.

Night Depository

It’s a safe and secure way to get your deposit to us even when we are not open. Our night drop is located to the left of our front doors.

Online Bill Pay

You’ll save time, money and have complete control. Rest assured, CU*Easy Pay is safe and secure. Just click the “Pay My Bills” icon from It’s Me 24/7 Online Banking. Step-by-step, point and click instructions will guide you through enrollment and set-up. You are able to pay any bill, including your house payment, credit card – even your babysitter – at anytime, from anywhere.

Account Closing – First 6 months $25.00
Account Closing due to abuse $25.00
Account Research $25.00 per hour
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal $10.00
Dormant Account $2.00
It’s Me 24/7 Sign-ons per month $0.50 per additional sign-on
Non-Sufficient Funds $28.00 per item
Deposit Item Returned $28.00 per item
Extended Overdraft $50.00


Courtesy Pay $28.00 per item
Online Bill Pay Bronze Level $4.95 per month
Stop Payment $25.00 per item
Starter Checks $2.00 per page


Escheatment $25.00 per account
Garnishment/Levy $25.00 per account


Line of Credit/Visa Overdraft Transfer $5.00 per transfer
Loan Processing Fee $25.00 for approved 30/60/90 day notes
Quick Cash Loan Processing Fee $25.00 per loan
Skip-A-Payment $30.00 per loan
VISA Card Replacement $15.00 per card
VISA Pin Reissue $1.00 per pin
VISA Balance Transfer 3% or $5.00 (whichever is greater)


Cashier’s Check $1.00 per item*
Copy/Fax $1.00 for 1st page ($0.10 per additional page)
Debit/ATM Card Replacement $15.00 per card
Debit/ATM Pin Reissue $1.00 per pin
Check Cashing – Member $2.00 per check**
Check Cashing Non-Member $5.00 per check
Check Copy $5.00 per check*
Coin Return No charge for first $50, 5% fee
Money Order $1.00 per item
Returned Mail $2.00 per item
Statement Copy $5.00 per month*
Transaction List $1.00 per printout
Telephone Transfer $1.00 per transfer (one free per day)
Wire Transfer – Incoming $10.00
Wire Transfer – Outgoing $15.00
VISA Gift Card $4.00 per card
*See Member Rewards. **Waived if member has an aggregate balance of $100 or more in their account, or if member has a loan/VISA with Kenowa Community Federal Credit Union.

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Membership Share $5.00 par value